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I am a Roamer, Investor, and an NFT Collector. #GoldenApes #CryptoIslands #SuperSpritez #HMBL

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This one of my Favorite NFT Project’s ever!! These guys have made me a fan for life! They have built a great community, educated us about the tech, included us in their decisions and ideas, and have made us all feel like we are part of their family. I've always said that this is the Long HODL in my NFT portfolio. Why? because, I'll be able to have fun, make money, and collect more NFT's.
Sometimes we even get into heated debates about who's island animal is better. (Monkey vs. Octopus vs. Bear, we have yet to find out how the bear got on the island.) So I would recommend that if you want to have fun, are new to NFT's, or you just want to see an Octopus and a Bear get beat up by a Monkey, then come through!
Thank you guys for all the fun I have had and all of the things that I have learned. My growth and knowledge of everything in this space is growing because of this project. Thank you guys!!
1 month ago
Step 1- grab your Super Sprite.
Step 2- Hero or villain?
Step 3- Save or wreak havoc on the world.

The people in this community have made me laugh so hard, with the hero vs. villain battles that happen. Sometimes I am sitting in my car dying of laughter and the people around me are staring at me like I’m crazy. So If you want to laugh, have fun, and a little Hero vs. Villain role-play, then this is your project.
1 month ago

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