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I operate delegates on networks powered by ARK Core. You might recognise me as delegate fun or alessio on ARK, tortoise_emperor on Compendia and gym on Qredit. I publish games that allow players win ARK tokens and also help to identify, report, patch and fix bugs in ARK Core.

My main focus is security and I look for weaknesses, vulnerabilities and other attack vectors in the blockchain codebase so they can be fixed before the bad guys find and exploit them. I spent many hours auditing and investigating security issues in ARK Core, with a proven record by reporting more ARK Core security issues than everyone else combined.

I’m also a plugin developer, so aside from publishing games and auditing code, I wrote some plugins which are compatible with any ARK Core-powered blockchain: Core Bridge, Core Chameleon, Productivity Statistics, Relay Verifier, Rocket Boot, Round Monitor, Universal Delegate Monitor and the Universal Delegate Monitor Server. They are all available on GitHub .

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Cactus1549 is a really talented delegate and contributor in many bridgechains that are powered by ARK, as well as the ARK Public Network itself. Having worked with him to develop multiple ARK Core plugins on several occasions, I can say with certainty that he is very intelligent with a deep knowledge of ARK Core as well as a clear grasp of what it takes to be a good and reliable delegate. He is hardworking, diligent and always friendly. His tools such as the ARK Monitor Telegram Bot are used by many delegates throughout the ARK Ecosystem and its bridgechains, and is widely considered to be a must-have service by everyone that uses it. He is a great asset to any network, so I highly recommend him for any project that is looking for a reliable and experienced delegate, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
8 months ago

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