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Date Registered 25 Jul 2021
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Top 5 validator at Compendia

ℹ️ Who is Adz?

Adz is a tech enthusiast based in United Kingdom. I have been involved in crypto world for more than few years now, participated in various successful & unsuccessful projects. I like to learn new things and that has landed me into running a node for Compendia blockchain.

⚒ What do I contribute to Compendia?

🌐 I am active on Twitter, Youtube and Telegram to promote/educate Compendia blockchain. *Currently creating a how-to guide for Compendia blockchain on Youtube.

🔥 Vote for validator named ADZ. I pay up to 80% of rewards to my voters! For more information, please visit my Twitter /Youtube /Linktree

💰 Voting rewards are paid daily at 7PM GMT

⚙️ Running 1 Forger and 2 Relay nodes

👽 Many more exciting news/contribution to follow. (Fiverr, Giveaways and more…)

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Compendia is an awesome project with strong fundamentals and organic community!
9 months ago

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