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The Floating Heads are a collection of 264 3D animated 1/1 NFT’s handmodeled in VR. Only 264 will ever be made and every single one will be unique. 7 new heads every Friday!

Buy & trade them on OpenSea:

Each Floating Head contains:

  • The commercial license for your Floating Head
  • A 3D printable file (.stl)
  • The original metaverse models (.usdz, .glb)
  • The original video file (.mp4)

Check for details & Join the Discord, talk to other collectors and join the owners-exclusive chatrooms.
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5 months ago
Many 2D NFT art has 3D in their roadmap, yet these floating SuperNfty heads started from Day1 as 3D. Being entitled to all the rights and licenses that come with the NFT makes it stand out among other NFTs also.
10 months ago
I was introduced to Floating Heads just a short while ago but I have to say that these are some of my favorite NFTs. Not just because they remind me of some of my favorite characters but because the NFTs themselves have actual utility. You get the actual files with the NFTs, a commercial license, and the files for the models for use within metaverse apps. 

In my opinion the next wave of NFTs will be similar to this. Art created through hard work that gives utility to their eventual collectors. I highly recommend this project. 

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