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Soldiers of the Metaverse is an exclusive Blockchain collection of 7,500 battle ready soldiers to serve as the first line of defense in the future world. With all of this incredible innovation being built, it is only appropriate to introduce a military, ready to defend the Metaverse at all costs – the Soldiers of the Metaverse. As the pioneering #MetaArmy, these soldiers will be on the frontlines of the future.

Each soldier is randomly generated from over 150 traits. Each one is unique, and the owner owns a share in copyright/licensing opportunities like action figures, merch and even screen time. This will be the strongest & richest army the ‘old’ world has ever seen. Soldiers have traits unlike other generative collections us may have seen before - with a focus on their full physique and arsenal, not just their face. This army is a revolutionary way of thinking about what a generative collection can be.

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7 months ago
Quite an intensive batch of soldiers I would say! With their web3 site launched, you can choose the soldier of your preference for the PvP game to earn $AMMO. Play to earn with these sick soldiers sounds really awesome.

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