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Date Registered 27 Jun 2021
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[email protected] is a project designed to make the deployment of blockchain relay nodes in the ARK Ecosystem more accessible to network operators and community members. The costs of operating these nodes is typically less than what it would cost to run on a traditional remote virtual private server(VPS). The project provides community members the opportunity to operate their own blockchain node at their home with simple operating instructions and support. New ARK Bridgechains can use [email protected] to build a strong community while also improving the security and stability of the network.

We currently support the ARK Mainnet, Compendia, and our own Radians blockchain.
Please contact us if you are interested in us supporting your ARK bridgechain network.

[email protected] kits are available for order through our our custom Ark core powered eccomerce site . Payment is currently available by ARK or BIND tokens.

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