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OpenBlox aims to build a one-stop platform that incubates NFT gaming with our own IP (Intellectual Property). The Blox series will be the first game with a unique IP as the basics for the whole ecosystem. In the future, OpenBlox will produce a series of games covering different modes: TCG, ARPG, FTG, RPG, SIM. The Blox NFT will be used in future games. The public will play and earn native tokens in all of our games.
OpenBlox will focus on establishing a strong IP. In the traditional gaming industry, IP plays an important role in developing and expanding the market. A successful case example is World of Warcraft, which has transgressed from the realms of RTS to MMO and TCG. With the help of NFT and blockchain technology, the player will own their unique NFT assets with a strong IP. The GameFi system also illustrates that people are able to play and earn with a unique token structure. We will empower our players and game creators via a decentralized self-governed community (DAO), bringing them not only challenges and entertainment, but also economic opportunities.

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