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Million on Mars is building the Mars metaverse; one fully rendered, high-fidelity virtual Mars, divided into almost a billion plots. You can buy 40 acre plots at specific lat/longs in either of o games: the flagship Million on Mars, where you can craft your way to a fully-functioning city with the most realistic set of resources and recipes ever assembled, or in the all-new blockchain web game, where you can play-to-earn by acquiring your property deeds as NFTs, and then improving your property through crafting and development.

Million on Mars: Land Rush™ is the latest offering from Million on Mars. In this web-based play-to-earn game, you are a settler with your own homestead on the red planet. Develop your land, manage your resources, and help grow a player-owned economy. Buy and sell your way to an empire in the newest world! Your settlement lives in the same world as the flagship PC MMO game, Million on Mars, but you’re part of Leon Dusk’s rogue flights outside the central Ad Astra Development Zone. The stakes are higher, the rewards are greater and the economy is booming – just make sure you don’t range too far toward Velma Patel’s secret lair, or she might do something truly drastic…

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