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Date Registered 22 Jun 2021
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Save the animals from the flood by swapping adjacent tiles to build chains of 3 or more to bring them to safety inside your ARK. Earn 10 points and an extra second of game time for every animal you save. Two alternative modes are also available based on the Deluded Arkies meme and cryptocurrency logos.

The highest score at midnight UTC receives free ARK cryptocurrency straight into their wallet and if you’re voting for delegate fun with 50 ARK or more, you will receive a 50% prize boost!

Play in your browser or in the ARK Desktop Wallet .

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1 year ago
Match 3 is great. Challenging enough to be addictive, if you let it, yet simple enough to be relaxing and a good switch off from the world. I will surely update my review to 5/5 in the future when gym is able to update the code with Ark 3.0 (correct me if I'm wrong) so that there is X number of top scores that get an ARK pay out, not just the top score (or something similar). As gym is well aware that there is a handful of users that win the top score daily and the rest of us (users like me who have a best score of 3500) are mostly disenchanted, waiting until we have a chance to win some ARK before we might once again find pleasure in grinding through games.

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