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MarketSquare is the new homepage for the decentralized Web. Discover Blockchains, businesses, Delegates and applications using one intuitive portal. Here’s a quick look at some of MarketSquare’s features:

  • One platform for the whole industry, not just ARK Ecosystem
  • Customize pages with details about your Project
  • Invite team members and collaborators to your Project
  • Search for interesting Projects and applications
  • Customize your public user Profile

One of the key experiences in MarketSquare is the ability to easily discover businesses, Blockchains, applications and node operators in the entire industry. These days, it can be difficult to make sense of which Projects and services deliver tangible value for everyday users and developers. For a new user, the process of reviewing and researching different Projects can be incredibly daunting. This goes for developers and founders as well- sometimes it may feel like you’re yelling into an echo chamber.

On MarketSquare, we make it easy to discover everything cool about our industry. By browsing different categories and using our robust search function, it has never been simpler to learn about, interact with, and follow Projects within the Blockchain industry.

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8 months ago
Thoroughly enjoying exploring MarketSquare!
9 months ago
Great work Marketsquare team - think this is a solid foundation for a crypto hub
10 months ago
Marketsquare is a great place to learn about lots of different projects in the blockchain world, and now to also leave reviews about them! :)

These folks are experts at making connections and marketing They create enjoyable and informative videos, they are always aware of what's going on in the space, and they're generally just delightful people! I can hardly wait to watch this platform grow and achieve its full potential, and I don't doubt that they will become the homepage for the decentralized web.
10 months ago
It has been a long time coming but MarketSquare was well worth the wait.  It is very user friendly and simple to use.  I look forward to watching MarketSquare grow.
10 months ago
Go, Matketsquare!

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