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Date Registered 07 Oct 2021
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If you’ve ever looked for a higher calling, a cosmic sign leading you to the path of enlightenment, well…look no further!

The Lost Souls are in desperate need of your help! It’s time to capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity and to make a lasting difference in the world. As we speak, millions of Souls are floating around looking for ways to better their corporeal counterparts so that they may gain passage to ‘The Good Place.’ Up until recently, no technology has existed to help these Souls or even detect them.

Thankfully the engineers at Lost Souls Sanctuary have worked around the clock and managed to successfully contact and converse with some of these Souls. Having entered into discussions with their ethereal hierarchy, a pilot program has been established to help 9,999 of the least fortunate Lost Souls find a way to ‘The Good Place.’

So Lost Souls Sanctuary calls on you, dear friend, to help our ghostly buddies, cause we all need some good karma now and then…right?

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