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Date Registered 30 Aug 2021
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Harvest Finance serves as an automated yield farming protocol that allows users to put their assets to work in high yield farming opportunities. The vast majority of people simply cannot manage their yield farming positions on a constant basis, and this is precisely why Harvest exists. Experienced DeFi users are well aware of the fact that moving capital around different protocols takes a good amount of time. This is because developing approaches and carefully auditing positions is a painstaking process that must be undertaken with caution. Of course there’s also the high gas costs as a result of Ethereum that only serve to further dampen the mood.

Harvest Finance circumvents these pitfalls by automatically looking for the latest DeFi platforms with the highest yield possible. Moreover, Harvest then optimizes users’ yield by applying the latest farming techniques to this equation. The result is a DeFi platform that runs independently and gives users full peace of mind that their assets are being expertly managed at all times.

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