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Bridging Centralized & Decentralized
This is something that has been done before. Building a bridge between two things. This enables two different things or more to work in unison with each other. This can be seen with the internet. Personal computers, mobile devices, systems, organizations, and so on are all communicate through various channels on the web. The speed of communication defies all limitations based on distance and diversity. It creates a bridge.
Any business out there is a centralised arena, be it a shop, a bar or other. The bridge that links them is fiat, more commonly known as ‘money’. This common denominator is governed by a centralised network with ownership. The banking system.
Recent developments with blockchain and DeFi have shown the world that a new bridge is needed to meet the needs of consumers. We can wait for the banks to make this bridge happen or we can step up as a community and develop this bridge ourselves. Removing the financial grip centralised banks hold over world economies is the goal.

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