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Friends of Little Yus is a so called speedrunning game, challenge your friends to race to the flag as fast as possible. But be careful, there are obstacles which will try to make your journey a bit harder. Once the flag has been reached the total time of the player’s run (score) will be saved on the blockchain, using this data allows us to generate an in-game leaderboard displaying the top 10 fastest players. We hope that this effects in creating some kind of competition so that players keep on playing trying to beat their friends since there can be only one #1. Blockchain wallets are used as accounts and data such as the character name, character class, login and logout states are all stored on the blockchain. The game works on Windows and MacOS and has support for keyboards, xbox, playstation and nintendo controllers.

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7 months ago
Utterly frustrating and deliberately designed to be as such, Friends of Little Yus (FoLY) is cute and benign in its appearance but entirely rage-inducing in its mechanics. One miscalculation and you will find yourself right back at square one, steam spurting directly out of both your ears! Timing and patience are crucial, so if you lack the constitution for such virtues, then you may want to seek a less enervating gaming experience. However, if you are a masochist like myself, Friends of Little Yus is sure to drive you to the brink in the best way possible. Looking forward to new levels in the future!

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