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Date Registered 05 Oct 2021
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What is the Fang Gang?

They once roamed the streets of New Fang City. But now a pack of 8,888 Fangsters have assembled with one clear goal in mind…to take over the ETH Blockchain. By far the toughest block in the metaverse.

Some would argue they’re wolves. Others say they’re cats. Maybe foxes?! All that’s known for sure is that the Fang Gang are randomly generated NFT creatures with the wildest attitude, assembled from over 160 traits and with 3.676.470 possible combinations.

Project’s Milestones

  • Created a PxlFangs free mint collection for holders.
  • Released ThreeTwoPix: Fang Runner, an arcade game with prizes to accompany the PxlFangs launch.
  • 20ETH donation split by two charities chosen by the community: Sea Shepherd and Re:wild.
  • Held a huge FangArt contest with prominent NFT artists as the jury.
  • Launched a liquidity pool on NFTx.
  • Airdropped a Decentraland Wearables outfits.
  • Collaborated with 10 amazing artists to create 1/1 Fangster NFTs.
  • Been doing daily raffles for either 0.1ETH or 1 Fangster as part of the Diamond Fangs Club.
  • Did surprise airdrops for Howl-o-ween and Diamond Fangs Club members.

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7 months ago
With 8.9k items and more than 4k owners, Fang Gang is where the party's at. Fang runner is a game you wouldn't want to miss!
7 months ago
Gotta say, I'm blown away by Fang Gang.

Awesome art, daily giveaways, and an ambitious roadmap that Junshi & Paca consistently deliver on 💪

Just an all around high quality project!

Mad props, Fang Gang team ✊

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