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Date Registered 02 Jul 2021
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KAOS is a public delegate of the ARK Public Network and the ARK Devnet Network. It started forging in 2019, since then it has validated more than 150k blocks on APN. Kaos currently shares 85% of its forging rewards and by voting for it, you not only participate in the governance of the network, but you also agree to receive part of its shared rewards on a daily basis, specifically every 211 blocks forged, calculated based on your voting power.

To calculate your staking rewards you can rely on the ARK Delegate Calculator Plugin that you can download in the plugin section of the ARK Desktop Wallet

Delegate kaos public key: 03c28f0c9d56bb30976830e75cce59b908fa1d2489d30a7e8ad494573deae23c20

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