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Delegate fun has been proudly operating as a public profit sharing delegate on the ARK Public Network since August 2018 and is the delegate of , the first website where you can win free ARK cryptocurrency by playing HTML5 games within your web browser or inside the ARK Desktop Wallet . Enter your ARK address when you play, and if you’re the highest scorer by midnight UTC, you’ll receive free ARK straight into your wallet. All games are totally free to play. It’s that simple!

Even if you don’t win (or even play!) the games, delegate fun will still give you a share of the forging rewards for staking, and the amount you earn is directly linked to how often you play the games. Your daily participation streak determines your payout share - play for 7 consecutive days to unlock the highest rate of staking returns, and the daily payout smartbridge message will show your current streak. Also, by voting for delegate fun and holding at least 50 ARK in your wallet, you will be eligible for a 50% prize boost for all the games at ! That means you can win up to 21 ARK every single day in addition to your share of the forging rewards from staking!

The current games available include Match 3, Bold Ninja and T-Grexx in addition to two multiplayer games where you can play against a real opponent to win ARK: Minesweeper Flags and Connect 4.

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1 year ago
Amazing delegate who brings something to the ecosystem. My only suggestion is to edit the winning prices so more people can earn smaller amounts of Ark. Because now it's mostly the same people who win the whole amount.
1 year ago
I played Delegate Fun's games and made a video about it. I especially like the 4-in-a-row game that can be played against another player. ARKFun Games are very entertaining and a great way to dip your toes into crypto with access to real ARK rewards! Nice
1 year ago
Thanks Justin! I was really honoured that you took the time to produce that video. I hope you don't mind that I've also added it to this page in the Media section above so others can see your great content.

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