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Date Registered 28 Jun 2021
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Public delegate arkmoon started forging on the ARK public network on October 25, 2017. Currently, 75% of all block rewards are shared with arkmoon voters as thanks for the support.

A 1 ARK minimum is required for payouts. If your account earns less than 1 ARK per day, your balance accumulates until you meet the 1 ARK payout minimum.
If your account earns more than 1 ARK per day, payouts typically occur every 24 hours. Unvoting automatically disqualifies that account from any future payouts.

At any time, you can view your pending rewards at on . If you just voted, it may take at least 1 round (roughly 8 minutes) for your account to show up and start receiving rewards.

Contributions to the Ark Ecosystem:

Commemorative brass ARK coins

  • Distributed as fun novelties, these brass coins were distributed from 2018-2019 to visitors at various events to promote the Ark Ecosystem. (Sold Out)

Ark Income Estimator

  • Custom API built on top of ARK Core.


  • A Python adaption/take on the ACES project by the ARK team.

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