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Dead Freaks is an eccentric collection of uniquely hand-drawn vampires, lycans, and witches. It uses vibrant colors and subtle animations to depict dark horror with humorous undertones. The Dead Freaks collection was created by Artist CozyGrail and his wife Valkyrie . You can find Dead Freaks on OpenSea .

The collectionwill be comprised of the following pieces:

Base 1/1 Collections:

  • Dead Freaks: 100
  • Dead Lycans: 40
  • The Coven: 33
  • Gen 2 Dead Freaks (TBA)

Glow Collections:

  • Glow Freaks: 4 (25 of each)
  • Glow Lycans: 3 (25 of each)

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7 months ago
I don't own a Dead Freak...yet! But I've had nothing but positive experiences with Cozygrail & the Dead Freaks community, the art style is extremely unique and terrifying and totally mind blowing. I don't plan to stay on the outside forever, I'm sure I'll be getting one of those freaks in my wallet soon enough!
7 months ago
Horrifying at first glimpse, but it'd be a good one to have for Halloweens. NFT Halloweens, how's that sound? 2022?
7 months ago
By far one of my absolute favorite projects. The art, the artist, the lore, the community. There's a lot to love here!

It's a truly rare and great project that really makes you feel like part of the family 🖤
9 months ago
Sick art and a great community 🩸🩸🩸
10 months ago
Dead Freaks is hands down one of my favorite projects in the NFT space. The art is all hand-drawn (no generative stuff here) and the aesthetic is both unique and mesmerizing. Cozy and Val are awesome people and the community is welcoming and full of interesting characters you will want to know for a lifetime. So glad that I found such an awesome group of people and that they invited me into their quirky little family.

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