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BigFriendlyManiac is a public delegate and a collaboration between jamiec79 (a.k.a. cryptomaniac) and BFX, two cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a passion for anything blockchain.

BFX’s background regarding cryptocurrency goes back about 5 years, whilst cryptomaniac has been around for nearly a decade. We both started off running several PoW-miners and made the switch to PoS gradually, whilst also running nodes for PoS/MN projects and ultimately DPoS – cryptomaniac has run DPoS delegates for 6+ projects, and we are currently both active in Compendia (formerly nOS), Shift & Qredit where we run reliable delegates with decent share rates.

Outside of cryptocurrency we have an interest in most tech-related things and have been actively dedicating our spare time to technology for over a decade, both hardware and software related. Ranging from building, maintaining, servicing devices and programming, mostly diving into open source solutions and blockchain applications to learn more about the inner workings, and occasionally forking and deploying networks to get a feel for consensus related issues and networking. In short, our incentive in those efforts would be best described as ‘build it, break it, fix it’ and learn along the way.

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