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Date Registered 27 Nov 2021
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Est. May 2021, so underground we’re in a cave 🐻

Phase 1 = Collection of 111 unique 1/1 Bears Phase 2 = 10k generative project launching 3rd January Phase 3 = Breeding Cards, Tokenomics, DAO and Barely Bear Studios

Slowly building a community since May, Barely Bears have exploded over the past month since revealing their plans for a 10k generative project

A 1ETH sale to an Ape, 4 different airdrops to all Bear holders & revealing their Roadmap sparked the floor rise from 0.03 to 0.32 at the time of writing!

Slow and steady they prioritise organic growth & empowering collectors over buying hype or influencers
Recently airdropping every holder ‘Referral Coins’ that grant whitelist, they have handed the power to decide who gets whitelist to their collectors

Utility of Genesis Collection
Holding a Genesis Bears grants 1 free mint & whitelist for 2 mints
Bear 100 - whitelist for 2 mints (plus free mint if wallet holds a Genesis Bear)

10k Rundown
-Launching 3rd January
-Over 400 hand drawn traits
-10k Bears IP open for holders
-Secret Utilities & Collab Raffles unlock at 50% sold
-Breeding Cards at 75% sold
-Token, Staking & DAO at 100% completion

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6 months ago
so beautiful
6 months ago
the collection is so cute
6 months ago
lovely bears
6 months ago
I believe in the team's hard work and the art. LFG!!!
6 months ago
Barely bears are awesome!!

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