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Description is a community resource that lets visitors browse and filter tweets from the official ARK Twitter account. With ARKTimeline, you can quickly catch up with everything ARK and find the achievements and accomplishments that interest you the most. Since ARK has been around for years, it’s a lot to sift through! makes the process effortless. allows visitors to:

  • Browse ARK news, achievements, and accomplishments
  • Filter by category such as development, outreach, or wallet news
  • Filter by time window
  • Directly seach by keyword
  • View content not specifically referenced on the ARK Blog
  • See highlighted content based on importance
  • Click any piece of content to view the related tweet
  • Change between light and dark modes
  • Create persistent custom layouts by using URL query string

Generally speaking, is updated monthly. is the result of the collaborative work of the ARK Community Committee, a small group of ARK enthusiasts outside of the ARK business entity that designs and works on community-sourced projects and tasks.

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1 year ago
If you are looking to find out major milestones or just more info on past ARK accomplishments, ARK Timeline is an awesome utility. They keep track of major news, events, and product releases, as well as interesting facts like when the SCIC was founded. Kudos to everyone who keeps it up to date! 
1 year ago
Thanks for the supportive review! The community members involved in ARKTimeline did some great work.

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