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A project by Ray.Alva and Tin

Hello Everyone, Today I wanted to take some time to announce ArkFah.

Ray.Alva and Tin wanted to find a way to give the crypto community a way to earn ARK while also doing some good! We settled on Folding @ Home

What is Folding @ Home? Folding @ home is a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics. This includes the process of protein folding and the movements of proteins in a variety of diseases. Insights from this data are helping scientists to better understand biology and provides new opportunities for developing therapies and cures for things like COVID-19.

How can you earn ARK? Follow the steps on to set up the folding @ home client, create your identity, and run the folding @ home client. That’s it! Each week we will add 50 ARK to the ArkFah Team Wallet. Each week 50 ARK and any donations to the team wallet will be divided and paid out to all ARK Folders! (We will cap donations to 100ARK each week and rollover any excess donations to the next week).

You can start folding NOW! If you would like to donate to the team wallet you can send a transaction here: APS938frL43Y9wTfg5Ci19K6db85vMEMag. Get started with folding:

If you have any questions, let us know!

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1 month ago
Valiant and great effort by Tin.
2 months ago
The ArkFah (Folding at Home) project is an awesome initiative that allows you to commit some of your computer's processing power towards medical research, all while earning ARK for your trouble. "Folding" refers to proteins and how they take shape from a string of building blocks to their final three-dimensional shape, ultimately determining their overall function and purpose. By participating in ArkFah, you can help fight diseases like COVID-19, Cancer, Parkinson's and a range of other debilitating afflictions. This is an amazing project, one where you can make the world a better place and receive some remuneration for it! Oh, and your computer does all the work! 5 stars!

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