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Date Registered 10 May 2021
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With the ARK Blockchain Framework, you can build your own modular, fully customizable Blockchain with TypeScript. Break free from Ethereum’s high fees, network congestion, and overall inefficiencies. With the ARK Blockchain Framework you get:

  • A sovereign, fully customizable Blockchain and coin
  • ARK Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) governance
  • ARK’s modular Smart Transactions
  • ARK HTLC SmartBridge Atomic Swaps
  • Integration with ARK’s Desktop and Mobile Wallets
  • Full compatability with the ARK Block Explorer
  • Extensive documentation covering the entire framework
  • An entire community of like-minded developers and projects

You don’t have to learn Solidity to build a Blockchain. The ARK Blockchain Framework allows you to build Smart Contract functionality with ARK Smart Transactions, written in TypeScript. We give you all of the logic you need in a language you already know and love. All Blockchains built using the ARK Blockchain Framework also come with ARK HTLC SmartBridge Technology baked in.

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10 months ago
I do think that allowing so many programming languages is one of the things that makes ARK superior to its 'competitors'. Why focus your platform on one language exclusively when you can cater to all of them. 🌟

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