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Date Registered 20 Sep 2021
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ApeGang is a collection of 10.000 items programmatically generated with python in 50x50 PNG enlarged to 500x500 and stored as an ERC721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Each ApeGang is unique and generated from over 149 possible traits, including hat, eyes, ears, mouth, clothes and fur. Visit ApeGang on OpenSea


Hidden in their wild jungle, apes have watched human life in a nearby area for centuries. All of their habits, expressions, attires, ways of life/working/transport…apes studied everything in detail.

The time finally came for apes to fully take over an entire city and replace humans once and for all. They have settled in several territories in Ape City, which resulted in the formation of multiple gangs: good guys, bad guys, crazy guys, chilled guys, weird guys, scary guys… and even more!

Each gang is now fighting to take control of Ape City and become the undisputed leader - which one will you join?

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