Actifit is a health-focused social project, promoting healthier lifestyle by rewarding its users for auto-tracking their day to day and fitness activity.

Actifit is strongly established and has been running for 3 years now on Hive & Steem blockchains, with 5,000 active users, 300,000 tracked activity reports, more than 1.5 Billion steps tracked, a web solution and mobile app on android and iOS, integrations with top wearables including Fitbit and Apple Watch, as well as a market where you can spend your earned AFIT tokens to buy virtual gamification gadgets, or real fitness products.

Rewards come in the shape of diverse tokens, including AFIT (our own reward token), HIVE, STEEM, SPORTS tokens…

Actifit features two tokens: AFIT(utility & reward) and AFITX (governance).

Actifit is expanding to Binance Smart Chain, and bringing the Fitness world to DeFi, widening its reach to concepts of Yield Farming, pools, loans, and all aspects of the financial sector that align well with its belief, and its wide market of more than 450 Billion $ within the healthcare industry, fitness, smart watches, wearables, insurance sector and much more…all equipped with a strong gamification aspect and an actifit market to buy your favorite fitness gadgets & products.

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