Welcome to MarketSquare! - The Beta is Open for Business

10 May 2021

Now that the doors to MarketSquare are open, you are probably wondering what you should do next! This article will take you through some of the things you can do on MarketSquare after signing up and how to get the most out of your experience.

Create your Profile

MarketSquare includes users from all walks and life. From CEOs of large blockchain projects to developers, users, and crypto afficionados. No matter your role, everybody needs a good profile!

Review our docs on how to update your profile in order to get started!

Profiles on MarketSquare offer flexibility for all types of users. With spaces for your personal biography, your social media links, and your website - highlighting your work and what is important to you has never been easier.

In addition to updating your profile, make sure to check your settings and secure your account as well!

Discover Great Projects

After you create your profile take some time to explore MarketSquare and all the great projects that are joining each day. The MarketSquare homepage features trending projects, categories where you can search for specific projects, news, and some of the top games on our platform.

If you represent a project and would like to have your project on MarketSquare, you can easily get started by creating your project page .

During this process, you can add all the pertinent information about your projects, link to social media accounts, repositories, and upload videos and screenshots if applicable.

After you have completed your project, you can always go back at any time to make edits or remove the project if necessary.

Build your Team

If you created a project you may notice that you are the sole team member. Make sure to invite the rest of your team to not only celebrate your project’s team but to make managing your project on MarketSquare easier.

The greatest resource behind any project is their team members. Team members can be invited to join projects, list their job title, and be given roles that outline the actions they can take on a project page.

Connecting with Hubs

At MarketSquare Hubs are your gateway to entire ecosystems.They will be the focal point of entire networks where you can check out featured projects, educational videos, news, and more!

Get started by visiting the ARK & Hive Hubs!

As MarketSquare continues to grow we will continually add more Hubs based on feedback and community support.

Partnering with MarketSquare

Creating MarketSquare and connecting with projects from around the blockchain industry has really demonstrated that real adoption comes from working together. If you feel that your project can contribute to MarketSquare head over to our Partner Page and find out how to get in contact with the MarketSquare team.

Make sure to join MarketSquare by becoming a part of our growing community on Discord , YouTube and Twitter

Ray Alvarez is the CEO of ARK.io. He has a background in Law and a blackbelt in martial arts. When he isn't working, he likes to read about NFTs, gaming, and the latest advancements in Blockchain tech.

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