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01 Jul 2021

When creating MarketSquare, we strived to create a place that would highlight many of the different projects, games, and services within the blockchain industry. From that desire, came opportunities to shine a spotlight on projects which are succeeding in different ways. For, they have created an ecosystem which allows newcomers to not only use cryptocurrency, but give them a better alternative to online travel agencies and antiquated rewards programs. Let’s celebrate this month and see what makes them stand out! - an Industry Leader in Blockchain-based Travel

From their early roots in 2017, has grown from a small start-up to an industry leader in travel. If you take a look at their offerings, you will find that they offer over 2 million properties covering over 90,000 destinations across 230 countries.

We created a short and informative video highlighting their platform below:

What is

Blockchain technology has been a part of’s DNA from the very beginning and underpins their entire platform. However, where shines is in its simplicity. The platform is incredibly easy to use and users can book their vacations using traditional payment methods or over 40+ different cryptocurrencies.

No matter what method you choose to book your next vacation, users with an account on will earn rewards for traveling and be eligible to join the platform’s Smart Program. By participating in these programs, discounts can reach up to 13% based on your level within the program.

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Where this differs from traditional online travel agencies is that your membership level does not expire. Many traditional airlines for example give customers status credits which allow them to progress to higher membership levels when traveling. However, these credits expire, and many individuals are not in the position or need to travel multiple times a year. This can also be seen on traditional booking platforms that assign members different tiers based on how frequently they book accommodations. These membership tiers are usually contingent upon continued bookings.’s approach is not only customer-focused but it uses cryptocurrency in a way that makes traditional online travel agency reward programs look outdated by comparison.

The Future of Travel

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the travel industry was one of the most impacted sectors of the global economy. While also felt these effects, they took this period to build their solutions and refine their goals. Today, they have had 4,894% year-on-year growth with no signs of slowing down as the world gets ready to travel again.

Their success can be attributed to their hardworking team and the amount of collaboration they have had within the industry. 70% of all purchases made on the platform are done so in cryptocurrency, and their rewards program is also powered by their native cryptocurrency AVA. So while the platform has a host of benefits for crypto users, it never becomes overly-complicated and serves as a gateway for individuals who are learning about cryptocurrency for the first time.

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with’s Chief Marketing Officer – Ben Rogers. During our interview we discussed what makes so unique, how they navigated the pandemic, and their future plans.

You can watch the interview in its entirety below:

A MarketSquare Special Interview with CMO Ben Rogers

We are incredibly proud to have as a partner on MarketSquare and as our project of the month. Make sure to head over to their website for a free account and a special discount for MarketSquare users.

Ray Alvarez is the CEO of He has a background in Law and a blackbelt in martial arts. When he isn't working, he likes to read about NFTs, gaming, and the latest advancements in Blockchain tech.
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