The Road Ahead on MarketSquare

16 Jul 2021

It’s been a little over six weeks since we unveiled MarketSquare to the general public and started inviting users off of our mailing list. In that short amount of time we have seen users create their profiles, well-known projects establish their presence on MarketSquare, and we have received feedback on improving the multiple systems on the platform. Let’s dig in and find out what we’ve learned so far and what is yet to come on the road ahead.

What have we learned?

In order to test MarketSquare we have been inviting users from our mailing list in batches. We have now invited 100% of the mailing list and appreciate all of the support and positive feedback. Throughout the onboarding process our team has been keeping a close eye on any bugs that pop up and squashing them as quickly as possible.

What have we learned? That you guys really want ‘Dark Mode’. We hear you, it’s definitely on the list. In addition we’ve used this time to fix reported issues on the platform, add more features to our homepage including our Monthly Spotlight, and tweaked user profiles and hub pages for a more streamlined experience.

The Monthly Spotlight

On MarketSquare we wanted to go above and beyond on educating everyday users on the impressive things going on within the blockchain industry. In order to accomplish that goal and also highlight the different projects joining MarketSquare we created the Monthly Spotlight. On July 1st, we announced our monthly spotlight which highlights a project, game, and collectible that are innovating and pushing blockchain tech further with their contributions. Check out the projects that made it into the Monthly Spotlight for July:

Project of the Month -

From their early roots in 2017, has grown from a small start-up to an industry leader in travel. If you take a look at their offerings, you will find that they offer over 2 million properties covering over 90,000 destinations across 230 countries.

Game of the Month - Splinterlands

Splinterlands takes trading card games to a whole other level. What started out as a professional bet by two technologists from Pennsylvania in 2018 has evolved into a platform that has thousands of players competing every single month. What really sets Splinterlands apart from other online trading card games is that it doesn’t sacrifice the value of real-world cards just because it’s convenient. By harnessing the power of the Hive ecosystem, Splinterlands ensures that every single action is recorded on the Hive Blockchain and every in-game asset is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

Collectible of the Month - SuperNfty’s Floating Heads

The Floating Heads created by Super Nfty are all one-of-a-kind: a total of 264 will ever be produced, never to be repeated. Each Floating Head is hand-modeled in VR and has its own unique characteristics and personality. Floating Heads are not randomly generated or produced using some kind of complex algorithm but made with care and precision by very human hands. The result is a piece of 3D digital art that is completely original and part of a limited collection of similar expertly crafted characters.

As we continue bringing on partners and different projects to MarketSquare, we will continue highlighting projects, games, and collectibles which are setting a high bar for their contemporaries.

What’s Next?

We have an entire slate of updates coming to MarketSquare. We don’t want to give too much away but here are some things that you can expect!

More Hubs

Our hubs have proven to be an important asset for the growing MarketSquare community. At a glance, users can get a bird’s eye view of an entire ecosystem and seeing projects, news, and informative videos.

This has also been great for making partnerships across the industry and forging strong relationships with other communities. It is a truly beneficial relationship where we help projects create meaningful content and an organized place for all their information while they help share that content and contribute to MarketSquare as a whole.

Over the past few weeks we have been in discussions with multiple projects from different ecosystems and will be announcing our next two hubs soon!


Squares are special areas around MarketSquare that highlight some of the biggest topics in blockchain including gaming, nfts, defi, and more! We want each square to be distinct and highlight some of the most interesting features and information in any given area. The NFT Square will be different from the Gaming Square and so on. This will be a more entertaining and valuable spin on categories where we can really set projects apart, focus in on important news, and show interesting data that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Thanks to our partners and emerging trends across the DeFi, NFT, and gaming space, we already have some great ideas on how to bring Squares to life and can’t wait to show them to you soon!

Learning & Discovery Center

The feedback we have gotten from different partners and everyday users on our educational content has really motivated us to take a closer look at how we present that content on MarketSquare. Because of this, we have decided to make it into a more immersive experience. From each hub, you will be able to click on the Learning Center and go through a curated set of videos that will teach you everything you need to know about an ecosystem.

In addition to the Learning Center we will also have a Discovery Center. The Discovery Center will allow users to view videos that cover specific projects and list-style videos. Quick videos and highly sharable content that puts a focus on not only MarketSquare, but on great projects within our space.

MarketSquare’s Gamification and Leveling

Not only is learning and discovering projects useful on MarketSquare but we want to reward users and create an entire system based around leveling and unlocking achievements. Without revealing too many of the core concepts, users will be familliar with MarketSquare’s leveling and achievement system. Users will receive points for unlocking certain achievements for actions like following and reviewing projects.

Users will be able to display their achievements publicly if they choose, track them, and even unlock rewards. We have a lot planned and we can’t wait for you to get involved.

Stay Tuned and Join the Conversation

We hope to share more with you about all the updates we have coming to MarketSquare soon. For now, feel free to join the conversation on our Discord and follow us on Twitter .

Ray Alvarez is the CEO of He has a background in Law and a blackbelt in martial arts. When he isn't working, he likes to read about NFTs, gaming, and the latest advancements in Blockchain tech.

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