Spookies NFT - The Ghost with the Most

20 Jul 2021
Spookies NFT - The Ghost with the Most Banner

Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether its their art, their exciting communities, or the unique things planned in their projects, there is definitely something here to grab your interest. Today we are taking a look at Spookies NFT!

The Ghosts with the Most

When I look at Spookies I don’t see a frightening ghost. For some reason, I get a nostalgic feeling of watching Halloween specials as a kid. Maybe it’s the art style but something about them just works.

The collection itself has 8,888 unique Spookies that are all hand-drawn each with specialized traits and levels of rarity. Spookies are more than just cute digital ghosts, like many NFT projects, your ghost is your membership into a community of like-minded collectors and provide you access to member-specific benefits, drops, and giveaways.

Currently, the team is looking to launch the collection by the end of July. However, the team has assured their community that they will be keeping an eye on any drops around their launch date to make sure gas wars do not occur.

Looking Ahead at the Spooky Roadmap

After the initial launch, you can expect the Spookies team to continue working on the project. Their current roadmap at post-launch will revolve around slecting and implementing community proposals as well as establishing partnerships with other NFT projects.

In addition, the team will be doing airdrops of additional items, Legendary Spookie challenges, as well as free canvas prints to 30 random holders.

The team is also looking to expand Spookies into the physical world with merchandise.

This is a sneak peek at their upcoming merch.This is a sneak peek at their upcoming merch.

There are a lot of NFT projects popping up lately and I asked the team at Spookies what they were looking to achive with their collection. This is what they said:

We wanna create nice art that is cute and makes people smile and laugh and think of their childhood when they maybe saw a drawing of a similar ghost in a picture book. Also we want it to be affordable as we think that at least some launch prices for nft projects are way too expensive to allow new collectors on a budget to begin collecting. Finally we want to create a kind and nice community to hang out and just have some fun together. - Spookies NFT Team

If that sounds like your type of scene then you can learn more by checking out their discord and following them on Twitter .

Some Spooky Stats

Current Launch Date: End of July (TBA)
Mint Price: .03 ETH
Commercial Rights Included

We will be keeping an eye on this project as they get closer to their launch date and who knows…maybe even a few giveaways may be in store.

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Spookies NFT

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