GET Protocol is our Project of the Month! September 2021

03 Sep 2021

MarketSquare is the new homepage for the decentralized web, and as such, we have plenty of great projects that have already joined us. From Blockchain games and DeFi protocols to NFTs and entire ecosystems, MarketSquare has it all. Every month we highlight some of the best performing projects and show them some much-deserved love. GET Protocol is a digital Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ticketing platform that has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. We are proud to put them under the spotlight and celebrate their achievement as our Project of the Month!

Out With the Old

Event Management is a massive industry that requires extensive planning and a careful approach to logistics. Traditional ticketing systems give attendees access to a particular venue and sometimes extend premium benefits depending on the grade of ticket they hold. The problem with these systems is that they’re often impersonal, inefficient, costly, slow, and don’t allow many customizations. In addition, organizers also lose a substantial percentage of their profits to third-party intermediaries.

In stark contrast, GET Protocol has created a Blockchain-based system that completely reimagines event ticketing.

The Future of Ticketing

Established in 2016, GET Protocol has stuck by its ethos of making Blockchain as hassle-free and easy-to-use as possible. In continuing this vision, they have just launched a new website and content hub, updated DAO-friendly tokenomics, and an exciting new product called The Digital Twin.

Check out this informative video explaining GET Protocol

The Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is an extension of GET Protocol’s mission to better serve end-users and clients alike. It allows existing ticketers to greatly benefit from the potential of NFT tickets and Blockchain with none of the difficulties or complexity associated with Blockchain technology.

Every ticket is integrated with an NFT copy on the Polygon Blockchain, greatly expanding the potential for new and innovative revenue streams and engagement avenues by allowing providers to capture secondary market value and letting attendees collect digital goods.

According to GET Protocol, ‘The Digital Twin can be integrated in less than a week and has zero operation risk to existing business operations - meaning existing ticketing companies can give the Digital Twin a try to see how NFT tickets can benefit their ticketing and open up new possibilities for their event organizer clients.’

The Digital Twin extends the life cycle of a ticket, packing new utility into each and every one. Gone are the days of tickets being a single-use asset

GET Protocol also announced their launch integrator, , a Netherlands-based ticketing issuer well-known for looking beyond the QR code and providing over 2 million tickets a year.

New Website & Content Hub

GET Protocol launched a brand new website to reflect the scale of their broad infrastructure offered to both existing and new ticketing companies. Their White-Label product allows new ticketing companies to get up and running from scratch and existing enterprises to benefit from NFT ticketing.

Their new website also breaks down the complexity of GET Protocol, providing a look at their products and the benefits offered. The content hub showcases industry trends and insights from the global ticketing industry, customer stories, and release information, while their revamped documentation is ideal for developers and those seeking to understand the internal systems that comprise GET Protocol.


GET Protocol also updated its tokenomics model to provide scalable ticketing solutions to global audiences by allowing all transactional activity to be on-chain, verifiable, and transparent. Digital Twin integrators and White-Label only need to top up using the ticketing dashboard to take advantage of GET Protocol’s infrastructure. This can even be carried out using traditional fiat payment methods where all the complexity of cryptocurrency is handled in the background.

‘We believe being able to see value flow through GET Protocol is imperative to the end goal of transitioning to a DAO that is governed by ticketing companies, big and small as well as Blockchain community members who hold GET.’

We are honored to have GET Protocol as a partner on MarketSquare and congratulate them as our Project of the Month! The number of contributions they have made to the cryptosphere continues to grow, and we have no doubt that they will succeed in totally transforming the way the ticketing industry operates.

Simon is a developer and writer for When he isn't busy programming microcontrollers, documenting Blockchain software, and saving the world from centralization, he enjoys creating music and exploring the latest technological trends.
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