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26 Jul 2021
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Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether its their art, their exciting communities, or the unique things planned in their projects, there is definitely something here to grab your interest. Today we are taking a look at the Epic Wizard Union .

NFTs = Magic?

Whether you are ingrained in the NFT community or not, one thing has been clear–the way these communities have managed to build themselves up and promote their art almost seems like magic. When it comes to exploring different collections, my own personal preference has been looking at collections that have art that resonates with me and a community that is excited about the future of the project. Epic Wizard Union nails both of those for me and I want to show you some of the things I am really enjoying about their project.

The Art

They say that no two wands are the same. Who said that? I don’t know it was probably Dumbledore. Either way, the art in this collection reminds me of something that can be plucked from the mind of Matt Groening. Simpsons-esque? is that a word? The characters in this collection all look unique with over 200 possible traits which include things such as clothing, hats, and yes–wands. My personal favorite is the umbrella wand.

More NFTs

It seems odd but one of the most widely adopted roadmap items for NFT projects is giving the community more NFTs. It’s like buying a piece of art from your favorite artist and then 2 months later you find out he mailed you another piece of Art out of the blue. At the beginning we saw projects start offering companions and additional NFTs organically and as a surprise. Now, many projects have announced them from the start. Is the magic lost? or is that feeling still realized when these extra NFTs show up?

What I like about Epic Wizard Union is that their approach to giving their community more NFTs revolves around their supportive community as well as utility for their upcoming game. Once minting begins and the first 20% of Wizards and Witches find their home, the team will send out 7 special holographic wizards. In addition, collectors will be able to summon NFT familiars with their wizards (NFT companions) for free in the near future.

The Grand Monthly Epic Wizard Tournament

I’m no expert on the magical arts but any tournament that has the word “Grand” and “Epic” in it seems important. The Grand Monthly Epic Wizard Tournament will be a browser bame where players compete against one another using their wizards. The game’s main mechanics include the tactical management of your wizard team, the casting of spells, and luck-based gameplay. The winner ofthe tournament will received Ethereum prizes and more information on the game will be revealed soon.

Lastly, don’t forget about the Wizard’s Den. This will be a place where the wizards in your wallet can perform riguals and conjure spells and items that can be used in the Grand Monthly Epic Wizard Tournament.

As we draw closer to the launch date, I am looking forward to experiencing the magic first-hand.

Magic Numbers

Total Items: 10,777
Mint Price: 0.05 ETH
Total Traits: 200
Launch Date: July 28th at 4PM EST

At the time of this writing, the Epic Wizard Union hasn’t begun minting but you can check out the countdown clock on their website

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