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22 Sep 2021
Discovery of the Day - Cosmo Kitties Banner

Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether it’s their art, their vibrant communities, or the unique features planned for their projects, there is definitely something here that will grab you. Today we bring you Cosmo Kitties!

The Interstellar Power of Meowers

Cosmo Kitties is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain that’ll scratch your intergalactic treasure hunting itch. These gamified NFTs are more than just collectible images; they’re your in-game avatar and passport to explore different worlds, compete against other players, and win paw-tastic prizes.

What’s Next for Cosmo Kitties?

According to the project’s creators, these fancy felines will drop sometime around the beginning of October 2021, with the beta version of the Crypto Kitties game scheduled for release in November.

While the exact dates and price have yet to be announced, prospective Cosmo Kittizens will be able to mint their avatars using the Phantom , SolFlare , or Sollet wallets.

What’s also known is that pre-sale mints will be limited to three NFTs per wallet, with the public launch limiting mints to three per transaction with no per-wallet limits. The Cosmo Kitties team is also in discussions with , , and to serve secondary market sales.

Phase 1 - LAUNCHING [September-October]

Building the community while receiving user feedback and offering daily prizes and giveaways. In addition, development and auditing to create fair, functional, and engaging content and infrastructure using the Solana Blockchain will be a central focus of this phase.

Phase 2 - SCALING [November]

Increasing access and visibility of the Cosmo Kitties project by collaborating closely with secondary market providers with the goal of being in the top 3 NFT projects on Solana before the end of 2021.

Phase 3 - MOONING [December]

Heavily marketing content on various social media platforms to reach an even wider audience while devoting an equally intense focus to improving game quality and the player’s experience.

Furry Friends with Cat-titude

Cosmo Kitties has an undeniably bright future ahead! Be sure to follow them on Twitter and join the Cosmo Kitties Discord to chat with the team, hear the latest on game development, see new art as it’s released, and take part in community contests, raffles, and giveaways.

For updates on new NFT drops, NFT news, and more, make sure you follow OurVillage on SubStack, and don’t forget to follow Farmer Joe and Lumberjack Larry on Twitter.

We will be hosting giveaways on the MarketSquare Discord every Friday at 3PM EST. Make sure you join our growing NFT community so you can stay on top of news, the latest drops, and everything non-fungible.

Simon is a developer and writer for When he isn't busy programming microcontrollers, documenting Blockchain software, and saving the world from centralization, he enjoys creating music and exploring the latest technological trends.
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