Daily Discovery - Rebel Kids Haunted Mansion

06 Sep 2021

Join us as we take a look at our Discovery of the Day! Whether it’s their art, their vibrant communities, or the unique features planned for their projects, there is definitely something here that will catch your eye. Today we bring you Rebel Kids Haunted Mansion!

About Rebel Kids

Whaddup, we’re back with another stellar Discovery of the Day! Rebel Kids is a collection of 6,666 (that’s pretty evil!) randomly generated NFT characters on the Ethereum Blockchain. Rebels are created from 500 different traits including hairstyles, piercings, headgear, clothing and harness belts. Each Rebel has its own character, mood and soul. One interesting thing about the collection is that, upon purchasing your Rebel Kid, you own the full commercial rights to it!

So here’s the lore in a nutshell: One day you chance upon a weird old-fashioned letter in your backpack. Upon perusal of the text, you discover that you have been invited to a mysterious party at the Haunted Mansion on the Hill! Are you brave enough to venture to such a dreadful place? Ooh it gives me chills just thinking about it!

The artwork from the collection was created by the exquisitely talented Ksenia Gavrilyuk . The collection consists of some spooky 1/1 ghosts found within the forgotten confines of the mansion. Let’s take a peak at some of the art below! 👀

“Irene arrived at the creepy mansion to shoot a couple of bloodsuckers. She was a fearless vampire hunter until Julianito whispered a gentle ‘Hola señorita’ right in her ear…”

Loving the jacket! Impeccable fashion taste

She got that silver cross to safeguard against surreptitious spirits…so smart!

What’s Next for Rebel Kids?

The Rebel Kids team have plenty in store for their community! An official Roadmap provides specific details below, but to summarize, the team plans to release exclusive Rebel Kids merch and hold Art and Cosplay contests in the future. In addition, randomly selected Rebel Kids owners will receive a unique Twitter banner to the kid they own. New collections are also in the works as well as a haunted mansion in a Sandbox-style game where exclusive parties and exhibitions will take place. That’s freakishly phenomenal!

Mint Your Own Rebel Kid

  • Total Items - 6,666
  • Mint Price - 0.06 ETH

You can mint your own Rebel Kid here , or you can view the collection here on Opensea .

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Reece is a video editor and Blockchain Games researcher at MarketSquare.io. He moonlights as a twitch streamer and can often be found slaying wither skeletons in Minecraft when not hunting for the latest NFTs.
Discovery of the Day
Rebel Kids Haunted Mansion

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